Allen Iverson To Reportedly Attend 76ers Vs. Celtics Game 6 In Philadelphia

05.23.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

Having Will and Jada attend Game 5 didn’t go well for the Sixers as Rajon Rondo and Brandon Bass spawned into Cousy and Russell. Now, with their backs against the proverbial wall and Kevin Garnett questioning the city’s balls, The City of Brotherly Love is pulling out all the stops with the announcement none other than Allen Iverson will reportedly attend Game 6.

There aren’t many bigger Iverson fans alive than yours truly and the response to see their favorite son in the building where he created an infinite amount of memories will be nothing short of magical. Yet, whether this results in a W forcing Game 7 against a Celtics team wanting nothing more to end this series as quickly as possible is a test. And, as far fetched as it reads right now, a series win over Boston would result in the biggest accomplishment this franchise has seen since Iverson and the Sixers’ 2000-2001 improbable run to the NBA Finals.

A whole bunch of “ifs,” which right now don’t even seem in the ballpark of anything possible. It will be great to see Bubba Chuck in Philly again, though. Ironically enough, and not that this means anything in today’s game, it was the Celtics eliminating Allen’s Sixers in 2002 (behind Paul Pierce’s 46 in Game 5) which would go on to spawn you know what.


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