Watch Andre Drummond’s #RisingStars MVP Trophy Get Crushed

02.15.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

andre drummond trophy dropped broke

The BBVA #Rising Stars Challenge annually produced highlights, bloopers, some 1-on-1 which left players totally exposed and, of course, an MVP. Detroit’s Andre Drummond earned his eventual trophy with 30 points and a Rising Stars all-time high 25 boards.

Maybe Andre Drummond deserved his award in one piece, though? Fate and gravity didn’t seem to agree as the prize spun out of BBVA COO and president Angel Cano’s grasp and crash-landed onto the court. Then everyone said “ooooooooh” like we did as children when something broke. Something tells me Angel Cano had to have been in on the set-up as a bitter Bulls fan and fairly convincing actor.

Unfortunately the video doesn’t include Drummond’s reaction during the ceremony’s interview. You know that face kids make when they dismember a brand-new action figure? That’s what this man Andre resembled.

He’s still a millionaire, fulfilled David D.’s dream of flat-lining Chris Brown and bagged this biddie. Something tells me ended up alright last night.

Photo: @Steve_OS
Videos: Jose3030 & NBA Showtime HD

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