Cavs Suspend Andrew Bynum Indefinitely Among Reports He Doesn’t Want To Play At All

12.28.13 4 years ago 17 Comments

Andrew Bynum has a knack for doing what he wants at his leisure. This most recently includes potentially throwing his NBA career out the window.

Andrew Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports tweeted on Andrew Bynum’s fallout with the Cavaliers citing league sources. Bynum, going by the tweets, never showed full commitment to the Cavs and may have already played his last game for the organization…and his basketball career.

Or maybe not!

Bill Simmons’ sources are vague but he sees Bynum’s moves as an out to head to The Clipper or South Beach. His stance reminds me of Jalen Rose wishfully envisioning Kevin Durant in a Rockets uniform. Yet, if his theory come to fruition, Andrew Bynum looks smarter than the average big man.

Bynum’s career thus far saw him do as he pleases. He has his geeky, under the radar pursuits like building remote-control cars and fixing up computers. This way to be also comes to his detriment he tuned out Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s tutelage, blew out his knee, and Philly’s season, while bowling. Dude’s questionable hair style choices deserve a special slot in the WTF folder as well.

There’s also his handicap parking incident but let’s be honest. Any able person looks like an asshole taking a handicap spot. However, you know you’ve thought about taking that space on a quick run or when the struggle to find parking gets too real. He just did what folks only imagine.

Writers usually utilize some sort of broken psycho-analysis to explain what goes on in an athlete’s head. Let me be honest and say I have no damn idea on Bynum’s intentions right now. News about him not wanting to play ball professionally don’t surprise me and Simmons’ plot strikes me as loopy.

What I do know is he’s made nearly 80 million reasons to play pro basketball with another $12 million on the way next year. It’s tough to imagine someone being that shiftless and ungrateful over a grossly lucrative career they don’t like mid-run. Getting to the league at 17, playing over 400 games, becoming an All-Star and a two-time champion isn’t a cake-walk. He’s missed more than a season’s worth of games but, to put things in perspective, he’s accomplished far more in basketball than the average person or even average center ever will.

Moreover, even though he’s past his short-lived prime, he can contribute to any contender and possibly get another payday. The state of the modern big man is dreary and front offices splash that cash for any 7 footer capable of passing the Eddy Curry aptitude test. Bynum fits the bill so any news of him wising up isn’t out of the question.

Bynum’s reportedly “unmotivated” but there are plenty of players in the NBA who don’t like their jobs. They persevere while we don’t hear about it since they’re either unknown or don’t make their discontent public for media to exploit. Bynum’s attracted negative attention throughout his career which has mostly been his doing. Heads can also fret about what he should’ve accomplished and they wouldn’t be wrong.

What ultimately remains to be seen is concrete evidence of him going one way or the other.

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