Angel Haze – “A Tribe Called Red”

07.21.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

Angel Haze Performs In London

“A Tribe Called Red” is an Angel Haze track but A Tribe Called Red deserves equal recognition besides just in the possible song title. The Canadian production group hits Angel with a feverish bed of sound that goes multiple directions but never so far as to leave Angel behind.

And that’s not to say she can’t keep up because Haze does so admirably. Using a fast, choppy delivery, she hits listeners with lines like “Look where I am and then look where I been, Tell me that I am not destined to win, Never give power to none of you cowards to tell me what you think my destiny is” that let you know she’s more than capable of holding her own no matter the odds or beat selection.

Even though it’s not a final draft, Angel’s definitely struck Dirty Gold with “A Tribe Called Red.”

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