5.12 The Cooler

05.12.11 7 years ago 21 Comments

Tisha Marie

Attack Of The Cicadas [Nashville Scene]

Batman Was Arrested in Michigan [Gawker]

Child, Please! The 10 Most Misbehaved Celebrity Kids [Vibe]

This May Be The Greatest Bill Murray Photo Ever Taken [Uproxx]

Girls Sitting On Counter Tops To Make Their Asses Look Larger [BuzzFeed]

How Google & Amazon Hurt Recorded Music By Launching Cloud Lockers [Hypebot]

How Would You Explain A Kindle Charles Dickens? [Gamma Squad]

The Ultimate Little League Baseball FAIL [Guysim]

Five Reasons Why Being Too Clean Is a Bad Idea [TSJ]

Record Exec Dino Delvaille Speaks On Getting Cash Money A Distribution Deal [RTNY]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Ready For Love [The Superficial]

The Lindsay Lohan Crime Spree Legal Timeline [WWTDD]

Man Flies Over The Grand Canyon With A Jet Pack [Buzzfeed]

Masked Identity Politics [The American Prospect]

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