Attack Of The Friday Night Date Rappers

12.18.09 8 years ago 11 Comments

Let’s face it. Rappers don’t make it easy for us at times. It’s not easy to pull up to the Sizzler with “Baby By Me” or “Whatever You Like” blaring from the speakers. In fact it’s downright difficult, especially with the holidays fast approaching.  Some rappers understand that more than others and made a few songs that could serve as the soundtrack for your next night on the town*.  Mix these in with a few songs off the radio & banter from your local radio personality and you’ll be good to go.

Windy city jokesters, Dude n Nem, have made to ultimate tribute to the value meal date.  If you didn’t know any better, you’d think these two were dead serious based on the tone of the song.  But the goofy eye wear they rock tells you all you need to know about this harlequin act.  To their credit though, the house that Ronald McDonald built sure has upgraded their interior to the point that you’d almost think you were in a coffee shop or Applebee’s.  Too bad you can’t say the same thing about the food.  Because taking a girl there will only ensure your date being cut short when the stomach rumblings begin.

Download — Dude n Nem – “McDonalds Song”

Sudanese Hip-Hop “superstar” (& Gucci Mane’s blood relative) Bangs has apparently been making waves across the internet with this video.  I must have been under the proverbial rock the past month or so, but what are you gonna do?  Like I mentioned earlier, you can’t really fault him for this because he’s probably only seen videos of tricking on girls.  So one can only assume that taking a girl to the movies in Sudan is like going to Ruth Chris’ over here.  Regardless of the fact, I think  we can all agree that despite his sincerity this video is hilarious.  From his accent, to spraying on perfume after hopping out the shower and the green screen.  Go ahead and laugh.  But remember he’s only trying to imitate what he’s seen over here.

Download — Bangs – “Take U To Da Movies”

*Soundtrack will guarantee second date

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