Bankroll Fresh Is Down To Prove He’s A ‘Real Trapper’

06.05.15 3 years ago

Zone 3’s Bankroll Fresh stopped shaving the serials off his straps long enough to pick-up the other Canon and put together a hood video for “Real Trapper.” The cut, originally from his Life Of A Hot Boy 2 project, isn’t new and lacks the instant slap of previous hits like “Trap” but still utilizes the hard knock formula to shine.

While it isn’t even halftime yet, Bankroll’s buzz seems like it should be much bigger already. With regional hits, certified co-signs and just enough dirt under his fingertips to keep us listening, the next few releases will be important to determine the trajectory for Mr. Fresh. In the meantime, we salute the Bankroll on his conquest for “Trapper of the Year.”

Grab Bankroll’s Life Of A Hot Boy 2 mixtape here.

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