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“Blue Note and I are not seeing each other anymore” were the words written on Van Hunt’s Myspace blog. It seems he & EMI decided to break up just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Popular is not on its way to the store. It is sitting in a box in my flat in LA, on 1/2 inch reels down in the Blue Note basement in New York and on about 30 laptops across this country and England – fans who spent anywhere from $30 to $70 to hear what I was thinking 15 months ago.

You never know how much you mean to somebody until they break up with you. I am planning. I won’t go into more than these details until after we work out the business of our parting. But, this year you will see, at least, one album and a book of short stories from me. I can not promise you that you will ever see the official release of Popular. At this point I’m just hoping for MY release :)

As a man who’s gotten bolder & experimented more over time, something like this was bound to happen. You don’t sell, you no longer get shelved. You get axed. I would be worried but once Van put that smiley face @ the end I felt so more reassured that he was in good spirits.

Van Hunt’s Myspace Blog

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To which reader Word? said…

Listen to this 30 second clip from 12 Play’s “I Like The Crotch On You.” The one where he raps..quote…

“Baby let me see you swing it, swing it. I like the way you come up, baby when you wiggle it jiggle it. Mmmm tasty, and once you see the diesel you know you gonna wanna freak me, freak me. Only if your old enough baby, 18 and over or 16 and under. Oh but how I wonder, I wonder”

Clear as crystal water so there’s no “oh maybe it aint him rapping.”

CLEAR AS FUCKING DAY! But yea whatever. Let’s also pretend that we ain’t notice them young girls in the audience in that “Bump & Grind” video.

Well…lol. When we posted on this previously, everybody had that gut feeling that there was something in the milk. I do think George Daniel’s, a legend in the Chi-town music scene, coming forward with this info does change the look of things. When one of your former manager & one of your closest confidants speaks against you & accuses you of an act for which you’re currently involved in a criminal proceeding for doing something similar…not a good look.

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