Best Part Of This Dame Dash Business Tutorial? His Dog Cookie In The Backdrop

04.07.15 3 years ago 6 Comments

Dame Dash is a scion of independent business ownership. He’s a lightning rod public figure, with as many debts and burnt bridges as all-time successes. He’s a family man, and proud, and a bit of a trickster.

Why you think Kanye and Dame cool? They assholes. For better or worse.

Dash has become a staple of internet chatter recently, both because he’d been lurking on the comeback trail, eager to pop the cork on his Karmaloop deal with Yeezy. And most importantly, he won’t let himself die as a viable corporate brand name. He is the New York City cockroach of Hip-Hop moguls.

These videos with Kenyatta “The Barber” Walters are everything Dame: low-budget, high-minded, egocentric, scattered. That’s why when he starts dropping advice about shipping products from China versus here in the U.S., it’s hard not to tune him out in favor of looking for background clues that underscore his actual truth.

For one, there’s a mysterious and lovely woman in black, trotting up the stairs, a propos of nothing. Is she an accomplice to Damon’s empire? The driving force? We may never know.

But then — and this is the real jewel — Dame Dash’s dogs are everywhere. He’s sometimes obnoxious, he gives one really really biased guy the lane to interview him and he’s an animal lover.

At the 2:10 mark, after the pup startles Kenyatta “The Barber” Walters by scurrying up out of camera view, we see Cookie try to ascend the Dash household staircase. For this canine, life ain’t been no crystal stair, and the plastic cone around its neck is making climbing the ladder of life damn near impossible.

As the puppy struggles, and Dame blathers on about not making goods in China because he supports American quality and protectionism, you can’t help but think: Is this a cruel metaphor for this man’s life? A dog, with nothing but drive and ambition to move on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky, can barely conquer a step at a time because of his own heavy personal burden.

Dame is an anti-hero for this reason. It’s very hard to maintain empathy for someone with so much bluster around his triumps, but who remains pretty mum about his failures and pissy attitude. Nonetheless, it’s an epiphany when the puppy goes bumbling up the stairs because his owner is so happily oblivious about the world, himself.

Could be reading way too much into this though.

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