“Not Caring To The Point I Stopped Lying…”

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Contray to popular belief, Big Sean’s 2012 campaign has seen more highs than lows through a handful of notable, stellar and well-placed guest verses and now a mixtape receiving generally positive reviews. Prior to the release of Detroit, Sean occasionally took to Twitter shedding light on the project, detailing his personal life was rocky at best and the development of the forthcoming tape was nothing short of therapeutic.

With all due respect to whatever it is/was Sean and his family were going through, this one statement was gold.

Trying times almost always lead to profound music from an artist stemming from the notion it is the only avenue an he/she can effectively tell their story the way they want it to be remembered. Ask Mary J., Marvin, Adele, Usher, Pac; the list spans for days. On the surface, the Chris Brown-assisted “Sellin’ Dreams” probably reads more like a potential radio mainstay than emotional roller coaster.

Instead, the narrative proved to be one all to eerie. A bond formed on physical desires later becoming complicated because one side developed feelings beyond sexual is something most anyone older than 21 can attest to. The desire for more and a future from one party while the other knows anything of the sort is the furthest from the truth will never not be a combustible situation and one with more tears than moist bed sheets.

“Fun stopped being fun, and feeling tried to finagle in
We had that independent love, you tried to bring a label in
Girlfriend? Nah, I already got one
You need a good guy, and I’m already not one
She said we lost a kid already, I’m already not that young
My biological clock is ticking, I’m not just trying to have fun…”

Without exception, sex – better yet, casual sex – will forever remain a game of Russian Roulette in the sense the other party will never know the other’s true feelings until it’s too late. In one of the most uncomfortable situations a person could find themselves in, Sean momentarily abandoned the “Finally Famous” moniker and his trademark flow in a moment about as honest and revealing as he has been since FF3’s “Memories.”.

“Sellin’ Dreams,” when it works, can grant a person their wildest desires if played correctly. It’s fun. It’s fierce. And it’s timeless in a sense. At some point, however, we all realize selling a dream is more like renting. The only thing available for purchase in this world is reality. Whether we like it or not.

Big Sean Feat. Chris Brown – “Sellin’ Dreams” (Prod. By Da Internz)

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