First ‘Bioshock Infinite’ DLC Finally Available Today

07.30.13 5 years ago 5 Comments


Bioshock Infinite (PC, PS3, 360) is the best game of 2013, so far. The story’s heavenly, the graphics are on point, gameplay’s solid, and overall delivery creates a lasting memory in our hearts until September 17, 2013. So to hold us over in the meantime, 2K Games finally release the delay-ridden downloadable content for this epic game.

Released today on PC, for a mere $5 a pop, are the two promised DLCs; PS3 and 360 variation release soon, possibly later today. The first one, titled Clash in the Clouds, is a total war experience set. Four new maps, new weapons, and new content all based around a wave combat scenario. Leaderboards are set up so that you can compete with your friends for Bioshock supremacy.

The second DLC is probably what fans were more-so expecting. It’s a story driven tale, where you take the role of a female lead, presumably Elizabeth, in the fan-favorite underwater world Rapture. This set is aptly named Burial at Sea, and appears to take a film noir angle in its gameplay.

Check the trailers down below.

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