Blake Griffin Took Pau Gasol’s Lunch Money…Twice!

04.05.12 6 years ago 33 Comments

“Pau Gasol should be allowed to guard Blake Griffin with mace and a rape whistle.”Myles Brown

Pau Gasol’s been through the ringer since last year’s playoffs. Dirk took his soul and he allegedly lost his girl all in the same series. Then, the Chris Paul fiasco happened. Then, the trade deadline rumors happened. And just went things appeared to be heading on the up and up for the former All Star, Blake Griffin happened. With the Clippers playing their best ball of the season riding a six game winning streak, Wednesday night’s matchup with the Lakers held playoff implications and city bragging rights (well, somewhat).

While most of the country was fixated on the end of a highly entertaining Oklahoma City and Miami game (the most intense game of the season), Blake followed a Randy Foye three with one of the most disrespectful put back dunks in quite some time. I mean, Pau’s not known as the most physical guy in the world (remember when Garnett basically scared him shitless in the ’08 Finals?), but he looked like Ricky when he got shot in Boyz In The Hood. Either that or he was on a really, really, really fun roller coaster. And as if that wasn’t enough, Blake doubled the fun by dropping the hammer on Pau in the third which could have been called an offensive foul, but what fun would that have been?

Plus, Andrew Bynum’s reaction afterwards was nothing short of priceless and even more proof he’s becoming one of the funnier (or immature, whatever) players in basketball.

All that brings me to this. Kendrick Perkins, I’ve got good news. You’re off the hook, bro. Now if Stern can finagle this into a first round series in the playoffs, all would be right in the world. Oh, and for those who care, the Lakers won 113-108 while Blake ended up with 15 points and 12 rebounds (Bynum had 36 and Kobe had 31). Those two dunks were sick though, right?

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