Blake Kelly – “I’d Be D*mned”

07.21.09 9 years ago 7 Comments

For the record, Blake’s the one on the right.

In a year that has already seen a new crop of talent offer Hip-Hop a blood transfusion, another artist may soon be ready to add his name to that list. Instead of adopting a moniker, the young man from Northern Virginia (with ties to Oklahoma) decided run with the name his mama gave him 22 years ago — Blake Kelly. Like Roth and J. Cole before him, Blake spent time in college while cultivating his rhymes coupled with experiences. Depending on how many blog sites you frequent, the name may or may not ring a bell, but with his debut tape Higher Education set to drop towards the end of August/early September, “I’d Be Damned” finds itself as the first offering.

Over a simplistic, yet flow-ready Mark Jackson instrumental, Blake places his cocky and lyrically confident attitude on full display. Chances are you’ll find yourself repeating the hook over and over again in your head for the next few hours. Trust me, I’m going through it right now.


Download — Blake Kelly – “I’d Be Damned”

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