Bleu Davinci, Big Meech Diss Young Jeezy Meanwhile Jeezy Calls Gucci Mane “Retarded”

10.12.12 5 years ago 20 Comments

When Jeezy pushed out “Get Right” yesterday, the verses sounded like they were sure to get under the skin of someone except most of us didn’t know exactly who they were directed at. To end at least some of the speculation, former associate Bleu Davinci steps up and releases his own track, “Got Right,” featuring a guest appearance from none other than BMF head Big Meech.

With his version of the track, Bleu accuses Da Snowman of being fake and not holding Meech down during his jail stint, which is followed by phoned in audio of Meech airing out his grievances as well. Considering how all three of these guys came into the music business together, the latest narrative twist on was between Jeezy and Bleu in the Black Mafia Family’s story.

Also below, Jeezy stopped by Big Boy’s show on Power 106 LA and spoke on the BET Awards fight and apparent end to his truce with Gucci Mane. The clip is 10 minutes long so here’s the short version: he explained what happened backstage, isn’t wrapped up in the “WWF” of rap and also considers Gucci “retarded.”

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