Blood Money – Nighttime Gangster Jazz: Music For Smooth Criminals

04.03.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

Blood Money - Nighttime Gangster Jazz

Usually, my long-time homie TOBES puts in work as part of Sparkle Motion, those guys best known for having the most spirited, old school R&B mixes around. However, change is always good so he switches affiliations for the minute, joining forces with fellow crate digger DJ Wax On to form Blood Money as they release a new mix dubbed Nighttime Gangster Jazz: Music for Smooth Criminals.

“…A 60 minute mix of 70s & 80s mellow jazz grooves that provide a soundtrack to the most illegal of nocturnal activities.

“From familiar classics to golden obscurities, library gems to soundtrack rarities, take a trip through a loaded barrel-full of deadly tracks… all interspersed with classic gangster movie dialogue. Play this one only at night, and keep an eye over your shoulder when you do.”

My take? It sounds a lot like murder mystery music. If the Hardy Boys had a soundtrack, this would be it.

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