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Karl Malone already has one offspring, Cheryl Ford, that followed in his footsteps to become a professional athlete.

What do you do for an encore?

Inseminate a thirteen year old girl when you’re twenty and neglect to “father” the baby with her.

In my sick mind I thought, “Perfect! This is the perfect sequel to that other post.”

I’m not referring to the new episode of “R.Kelly Loves the Kids,” but more to Corey Gunz molesting several beats so badly, the DJ’s had to ask Peter Gunz (in absentia):

What the hell did you give birth to? What type of sperm you got?

Karl’s little squirt (no pun) was a recent top draft pick for the Buffalo Bills, yo!!

However, his biological refuses to acknowledge him. “It’s like my mother went to the sperm bank” Bell stated.

Stars are apparently not made; they’re bred.

Karl Malone Falls Short, As A Father [ESPN]

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