Blu Gives “NoYork!” To The People For Free

08.23.11 7 years ago 26 Comments

So the word on the e-streets is Blu was out at the Cali leg of Rock The Bells and was passing out his upcoming album, NoYork! for nothing but minutes on the hour. And being that this is the day of the Internet, he took the next step to spread the word. We’ve seen this movie before, Lil B. For those trying to piece together some sort of reasoning behind this, save yourself some headache and remember you’re dealing with the eccentric and unpredictable Johnson Barnes. Maybe this was the grand design all along.

The album features guest slots from Co$$, Jack Davey, U-God as well as that signature eclectic Blu sound throughout. It’s NoYork! live from Los Angeles.

Update: Blu did give away copies at the show however he did not initially authorize the leak, as has been rumored. Still, he’s okay with the ways of the Internuts…as long as you buy a physical copy. Please buy if you respect the man and like his art. Pats on the back and blog posts don’t really help keep the electric bill paid.

DownloadBlu – NoYork | Alt. Link

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