A Timeline Of Bobby Shmurda’s Rise From Vine Sensation To Major Label Signee

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Intro by Gotty™

Sha Money XL sealed the deal Thursday night with one Instagram update. The long-time record exec’s message completed the first stage of Bobby Shmurda’s quick rise to the top, going from a nobody to the “Hot N****” whose name was on the tip of the tongue of every suit, scribe and rap fan. Sha’s words: “Deal is done @bobby_shmurda #EPIC no one does the underdogs better then me. Brooklyn this 1 is for you!”

But who the hell is Bobby Shmurda, where did he come from and how did we get to him signing a record deal? Let’s start at the beginning.

bobby shmurda

Jan./Feb. 2014

Bobby’s crew, GS9, set up their SoundCloud account sometime early in the year. Their first post to the music streaming site is called “Bout That Sacc.” Note the name of Bobby’s crew because it’s awfully similar to the crew name that Chief Keef’s 300 team associates with, GBE or Glory Boyz Entertainment.

Feb. 25

YouTube user Maine Fetti, whose Twitter profile indicates that he seems to be associated with GS9 in a design/cinematography capacity, uploaded the track that would give Bobby his viral notoriety: “Shmoney Dance.” The track is actually GS9 compatriot Rowdy Rebbel’s, but Bobby features. Despite being the titular track, the YouTube video only has 648,417 views as of this typing.

March 28

A little over a month later, Fetti uploaded “Hot N*gga,” the video that would eventually launch Bobby into notoriety. As of this typing the video has 2,518,636 views.

As an aside, Fetti lists five Instagram accounts on his YouTube page that act as official GS9 soundboards:
@GS9Music, @Bobby_Shmurda, @RowdyBabyy, @__GS9myNigga, @CoreyFinesse. Of those five (@__GS9myNigga is private), four are public, and of those public accounts only Bobby’s has posts that can be traced to before 15 or 16 weeks ago, which is about the time the video for “Hot N*gga” dropped.

June 13

Boxden pointed out the dance in this thread, just ahead of the ensuing media storm.

June 20

Brandon Jennings became the first NBA player to shout it out.

June 24

The above clip, from Vine user DancingBear, is considered by many outlets to be the catalyst that lead to Bobby’s Shmoney Dance, featured in the video for “Hot N*gga,” reaching its popularity’s apex. TSS reached out to DancingBear through Twitter DM to see why and how he made the Vine:

I was put on to the Shmoney Dance by a friend in one of my group apps. it was a poorly done GIF

off Bobby Shmurda doing the Shmoney Dance, i thought it was dope.

next day, i saw brandon jennings had vined it and googled and youtubed the video.

After watching the video on full, three times, i thought wow I have to make this a vine, making sure to include the hat flip.

We inquired further, asking, “can you by any chance tell me who that friend is? Does he have any industry connects?” He has not responded.

Update: DancingBear said that his friend does not have any industry connects that he knows of.

June 27

Kevin Durant became the second high-profile NBA player to shout out the Shmoney Dance on Twitter.

June 28

Complex announced that they had discovered Bobby, calling him, “one of the most talented new rappers we’ve seen in years,” according to their first post’s search engine description.

In a follow-up piece posted on July 14, the publication did a video interview with Bobby in which the East Flatbush emcee looked poised and polished in answering Jinx’s questions. Do note Bobby’s response to Jinx’s question about what happened to his hat when he threw it into the air in the “Hot N*gga” video. Bobby responds with “it went straight to the top,” which he also used to answer the same question in an interview the next day with 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, who sounded downright giddy to commend Bobby.

July 3

Speaking of The Breakfast Club, Ebro initially endorsed Bobby right before the holiday weekend.

Pitchfork’s own Ian Cohen–who frequently covers Hip-Hop for the music site–also decided to endorse, calling “Shmoney Dance” its “Best New Track,” despite the fact that the song released in February. He also concedes that, “I’m not gonna lie: it’s almost impossible to talk about ‘Shmoney Dance’ in a critical capacity.”

July 4

Bobby received his first major musical endorsement when MMG’s Meek Mill brought him out during a performance at Miami’s King Of Diamonds strip club.

July 11

Jay Z and Beyonce made reference to Bobby’s Shmoney Dance during an On The Run tour stop in New Jersey. Beyonce imitated what appeared to be the dance on stage, while Jay changed his lyrics in “F*ckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt” to “come shmoney dance with the Goodfellas.”

July 12

West coast producer DJ Mustard offered Bobby a beat, while the Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon brought Bobby out as a guest during the Staten Island emcee’s Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival set.

July 16

Drake came out to Bobby’s “Hot N*gga” to start his introduction at the ESPY’s award ceremony.

July 17

Bobby signed to Epic Records, which Sha Money XL announced through his Instagram.

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