“Bomb To The Music…”

11.27.08 9 years ago 11 Comments

Words By Landon A.

Back when I was an angry young teen, I hung around the graff heads from school. You know these dudes: paint-stained shoes, unnecessarily, torn up fitteds, reeked like cigarettes/weed/cheap beer…yup, this was my crew. We’d spend most Saturdays driving around the city with our only friend with a driver’s license, shoved up against subwoofers that only worked 1/3 of the time, making fun of emo kids at the local laser tag place and taking flicks of the previous nights work.

I’ve always respected graffiti as an art form, but not enough to go jump barbed wire fences to paint a freight train in a poorly lit yard with God knows what lurking in the shadows. So while they were deep in the brush draped in all black, doing a quick piece on the side of a local park bridge or whatever, I was by the car watching for unwanted passersby. While they were answering to the local authorities, I was holding the cans in my hoodie pocket.

Although I wasn’t the one racking cans in the name of a bastardized art form, I considered myself as much involved as those who were. I was the cat passing judgment on pieces, making sure no one in the crew threw up something wack. I was the cat holding the camera as we tried to inconspicuously drive past last night’s bombing. And of course I was the only one in the crew with pockets deep enough to hold the markers while the rest were getting searched.

All that aside, the job that gave me the most joy was providing the soundtrack to our late night excursions. Every other time we’d go out to bomb, I’d be enlisted to throw a mix together for the trip. These mixes consisted of some of the most thought provoking, grimiest Hip-Hop, both new and old.

So, from my crew to yours, I present Music To Bomb To — a beat selection guaranteed to increase creativity while minimizing neck control. Grab your sharpies and get scribbling.

Rob Swift – The Ghetto

There’s three things I love in life:

My momma
Al Green
Rob Swift’s cuts
This song incorporates two of the three. Impressive. Even more impressive would be Rob Swift cutting up a recording of my mom trying to wake me up on a Sunday over an Al Green instrumental.

King Geedorah Feat. Hassan Chop – I Wonder

As fucked up as Doom’s situation is I can’t hate on this track or the album as a whole. This joint is full of emotion so if you’re paying homage to a fallen soldier, bang this and scribble his or her name on the wall.

Quasimoto – Put a Curse on You

The Unseen will always remain as classic Madlib material.The Further Adventures….not so much.

Del Tha Funky Homosapien – Corner Story

During my stint in the crew I spent my fair share of time around inebriates of the herbal variety. I’ll leave it at that….

Masta Killa – Whatever

A classic crew cut. Perfect for those long summer days. Link up with your homies, grab the Krylon and find a nice blank canvas downtown.

Big L – Street Struck

Play this only at night. Even after they’ve faded out the horns will continue to echo in your head. This joint is strictly for the late night/early morning bombers. Take your time and keep your eyes open son.

Nas – Thief’s Theme

Save this one for when you’re at war. Some toy crossed out your piece? This is spades, suit up with your pens, cans and rollers, grab the rest of the crew and cross out everything dude’s ever done.

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