Hell Yes!: Thanks to Bon Appetit, We Now Have Doritos Bread

11.17.13 4 years ago 5 Comments


Americans can judge the worth of their society based off how many different things they can make with Doritos. Doritos, for NOT AMERICANS and people whose parents raised them on Whole Foods kale snaps, are flavor-coated tortilla chips made by Frito-Lay, the snack manufacturing arm of PepsiCo, and have somehow found their way into pasta sauce and buttressing Taco Bell’s slop.

But those recipes and culinary ideas were all a means to an ends, which is Doritos bread or “bread that is made from Doritos.” Andy Rappoport, who is the brother of Bon Appetit’s EIC, Adam, cooked up this #based recipe because he wanted to pair “man’s most basic sustenance” with something incredibly processed and addictive, which had to be Doritos because we don’t think making meth bread would be such a good idea.

Watch the video above where Rappoport makes Doritos bread, because seeing is believing and there are some awesome AMURRRICA guitar riffs and licks. All of the Internet’s hyperbolic blog-writing was probably saved for this moment, when we conquered world hunger and stoner munchies at the same damn time, because THIS gives us all of the feels #SoBlessed.

Bon Appetit’s recipe for both the bread and Doritos butter can be found here.

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