“Born Into The 90’s…”

12.08.08 9 years ago 41 Comments

I’m gonna go ahead and guess from the leather, dark colors, and cheesy rain scene that this commercial was shot right around 1999 when Avant and the like were making those shiny ass videos with Loon or somebody on the guest spot.

If so, then why are they just now airing this commercial, you ask?

I’m willing to bet that the powers that be at McDonald’s realized how coontastic this video was and locked it away it until we would all be in some sort of blindingly happy Negro euphoria that would stop us from making a fuss. But I peep game, Ronald. Just because we got Obama about to hit the White House doesn’t mean you can just throw a brother on TV singing about chicken nuggets.

So mother-fuck Mickey D’s and anyone who dips those oppressive nuggets in the sticky sauce of subjugation.

Chik-Fil-A FTW anyway!

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