Trey Songz Went Back To His #RN Ways When Someone Threw A Bottle At Him Mid-Performance

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07.29.14 16 Comments

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Once upon a time, Trey Songz was a wild and ignorant young boy from the mean streets of Petersburg, VA. It wasn’t unheard of for the singer to dive into a crowd and serve fades like a skilled barber when disrespected by hating ass haters. But with age, comes wisdom. Trey cut his no hangtime braids, hit the gym, mellowed out and went on to be the successful R&B sex symbol we see today.

But you know what they say about “leaving the hood.”

A few days ago, a club patron tried to test Tremaine’s gangster by launching a bottle at the singer while he performed the lukewarm, “Na Na.” Trey luckily caught the flying projectile before it hit its target and the singer tried to continue with his performance. But it was too late. Trey’s inner #RN had been activated and he just couldn’t let the disrespect slide.

“Hey, whoever p*ssy *ss n*gga throwin’ bottles…we right here. We right here. We’ll clear the way for your *ss, n*gga. We right chea! Wassup? You can keep throwing bottles like a b*tch and you can come up here and get f*cked up. Wassup?”


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