Brian Scalabrine Thinks Rajon Rondo Is Good, Like MVP-Good

11.14.12 5 years ago 18 Comments

Forgive me, Father, fore I have sinned. Never will I ever go more than a week without watching any video with Brian Scalabrine again. The White Mamba sat down with Bill Simmons to speak of his former teammate – Rajon Rondo – and just how (all time) great Boston’s current floor general can be.

Scal compares Double R to that of an early-2000s Jason Kidd in the fact both commanded every aspect of the game from the point guard position. Pretty spot on, too. Furthermore, The Mamba proclaims Rondo will take home MVP honors this year. A bold statement, but not one far fetched given the fact Beantown will only go as far as RR takes them this year. Don’t be surprised if buddy finds himself bundled up with likes of Bron, K.D., Chris Paul, Carmelo (pending he and the Knicks continent this torrid place and Amar’e realizes effectiveness coming off the bench) and more in the MVP talk towards the end of the season (barring something unforeseen).

Currently, The White Mamba’s MVP pick is in the midst of a 31-game streak of 10 assists or more; the longest such of its kind since John Stockton had 37 straight in 1989. And for good measure, he’s nearly three assists ahead of CP3 (12.9 to 10.3) for the league lead, too. Screw Boston, though. With all due respect, you know.

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