Busta Rhymes Ft. Everlast – ‘Calm Down 3.0’

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08.26.14 3 Comments

Busta Rhymes The Clash EP Cover

Mystikal spoke on the idea yesterday and G-Unit’s The Beauty Of Independence (listen here) releasing in the wee hours of Monday morning complimented his words. It’s the idea of staying a musical free agent instead of locking into deals with labels, especially for veteran artists.

Following his departure from Cash Money, Busta Rhymes is free from the restraints of having to have a suit or labelhead to sign off on him dropping new music. With that freedom in mind, he’s released the Calm Down: The Clash EP a short set cashing in off the buzz created by his heavyweight, lyrical sparring session with Eminem, “Calm Down.”

The EP is more like an old school cassette single containing multiple versions of “The Clash.” There’s the original version with Eminem, a “2.0” one that features an additional verse from Busta plus a “3.0” version that includes a new verse by veteran Everlast, whose classic “Jump Around” single served as the source Scoop Deville sampled for the “Calm Down instrumental. The newer version isn’t much of a departure from the original, yet still worth a listen for anyone who hasn’t heard the House of Pain frontman rhyme in ages.

Listen to “The Clash 3.0” below and pick up the full serving over on iTunes.

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