Butch Cassidy – “What A Friend”

03.23.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

You won’t typically catch me riding out to many songs about Jesus. Just not my style and we’ll leave it at that. However, the exception lies in Butch Cassidy’s “What A Friend,” which is low-key banger dedicated to the fact Nate Dogg’s permed-out cousin can’t count on anyone but his Lord & Savior. The track isn’t really new, as it was featured on this DPG affiliate’s I’m Here mixtape from last year, but the contrasting moods and wide instrumental palette make for a dope song no matter who you pray to.

Actually, if is this the music goin’ down at the parish, I may just start freeing up my Sunday mornings.


Butch Cassidy – “What A Friend”

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