C-Murder Disses Master P On ‘All I Wanted 2 Be Was A Soldier’

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09.11.14 16 Comments

c-murder all i wanted 2 be was a soldier art

After talking about the beauty of No Limit’s rise to power recently, hearing C-Murder blasting his brother Master P on the new record “All I Wanted 2 Be Was A Soldier” is deflating. But, the song speaks to the Cain and Abel-like relationship the two Miller brothers have shared in recent years.

Somber in nature, C picks up from where “Came2DaCan” left off with more disparaging words for P, who C-Murder refers to as his hero and claims was the only person he wanted to be like in the song’s chorus. With C staring down life in prison after countless appeals, he’s still laying part of his pain and anguish at Percy’s doorstep, even though he remarks “I hate to let this verse go.”

“It’s ugly when you’re brother prosecute you too,
Say I’m the black sheep, just show ’em where the MAC be,
P, all you had to do was ask me,
But you chose to do your interviews and blast me, assass me
I was murdered by my hero, had a bullet to the heart,
Man it wore my whole world apart”

Back in April after “Came2DaCan” released, Percy Miller called his brother Corey “ungrateful and disrespectful” for his attempts to sully his name after P says he’s spent millions on court case after court case on C-Murder’s behalf. Something tells me he won’t like “All I Wanted 2 Be Was A Soldier” any better.

C-Murder’s Penitentiary Chances album is scheduled to release soon but “All I Wanted…” is available on iTunes now.

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