Callin’ Out Names: A$AP Rocky Says “F*ck The Kickdrums, Machine Gun Kelly Blasts Jimmy Iovine

06.29.12 6 years ago 26 Comments

When labels start shrinking their budgets, job positions like A&Rs, publicists and other handlers were among the first to fold. One of many end results? We get a lot of unfiltered, highly entertaining rants and slander courtesy of artists.

Case #1: A$AP Rocky went on a Twitter tear directed at The Kickdrums, accusing them of leaking “Ridin'” without his consent. There’s a full play-by-play over at Complex but the only part needed is really see the above tweet.

Case #2: Even though plenty of people (myself included) like MGK’s breakthrough track “Invincible,” there’s at least one person who doesn’t and that’s Kelly himself. Putting it on Twitter is one thing, but airing out a label head during a radio interview takes elephant nuts mixed with youthful arrogance, which MGK apparently has handfuls of. While speaking with Tampa’s WILD, the Cleveland Wild Boy expressed his displeasure and tossed some shade towards Interscope’s Jimmy Iovine for the song.

“I told my manager, ‘Don’t you dare make this into a song.’ Then we get a email, ‘Jimmy [Iovine] wants you to records a second verse to this and it has a hook on it.’ I don’t operate like that. I hate cookie cutter songs, like B.o.B. [and Hayley Williams] with ‘Airplanes,’ like [Eminem and Rihanna’s] ‘Love the Way You Lie.’ You weren’t there making the song with each other. I write all my hooks…I was offended… I never talked with Ester in my life. I never talked to Alex Da Kid, who makes cookie cutter records.” [WILD]

Who doesn’t love it when rappers call out names instead of beating around the bush? Extra points to MGK for hittin’ up everybody around and scoring collateral damage.


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