10.15 The Cooler

10.15.09 8 years ago 11 Comments

Monica Serrato. Checkmate.

Captain Lou Albano Dies at 76 [Pop Eater]

Get Fly Like Larry Davis [DP]

10.Deep Presents Division Selects Program [CtotheJL]

Devin Harris and His Many Ailments [Slam]

13 Of The Best Four-Wheeler Fails Of All Time [Epic Carnival]

Snitch Daughter Turns in Mom For Growing Weed [HMJ]

Olivia Talks About…Squirting [Xilla]

The Rape Tunnel > Piss Christ [Bol]

The Greatest Movie Never Made [Asylum]

Walmart Gets Into Cellular Business, Offers Unlimited Plan For $45 [Consumerist]

Classic NFL Plays Tecmo-ized [Yep Yep]

Essential Guy App Round-Up [The Bachelor Guy]

MOG.com Inks Deals With Majors; Streaming Service To Launch ‘Before Thanksgiving’ [Paid Content]

DJ AM Show Tanks [Showing Out]

Slaughterhouse: A Discourse On Dining Etiquette [Giant]

“Thought Police” Responsible for Limbaugh’s NFL Mess, Says O’Reilly. [Gawker]

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