Carmelo Sticks With Knicks, Pau Gasol’s Gone, Miami’s Makeover Plus 9 Other NBA Free Agent Moves

07.14.14 4 years ago 53 Comments

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Once one man decided he was returning home, the NBA free agency floodgates opened. Following the great Derz’s lead, take these 10 additional notes involving the wheelings and dealings around Adam Silver’s Association.

1. Paul Pierce signed a two-year, $18M deal with the Wizards. And just like that, the Cavs-Wiz brouhaha of the mid-2000s is right back on.

2. Former Wizard Trevor Ariza signed on for his second stint with the Houston Rockets (in a deal that basically screamed “Oh, dear Lord, we have to sign somebody!” from GM Daryl Morey).

3. Chandler Parsons had a better Sunday than any of us officially becoming a Dallas Maverick and the newest addition to the Team USA roster.

4. And since we’re on the topic of matching offer sheets, the Jazz matched the Hornets’ four-year, $63M contract for Gordon Hayward.

5. The Bulls didn’t snag the perimeter scoring threat they’ve needed for years, but they grab two-time champion Pau Gasol in a move that signals Boozer’s last hours in the Windy City are upon us.

6. Chicago also signed long-awaited 2011 draft pick 6’10, sharpshooting European prospect Nikola Mirotic to a three-year, $17M deal. The Bulls have surplus of big men now.

7. To stay and get paid or take less and head to a “win-now” team? Carmelo Anthony’s staying in New York thanks to a five-year deal worth approximately $122M (and a statement on his website).

8. Marvin Williams’ signing with Charlotte is a sneaky good one by MJ and company helping add bench depth.

9. LeBron James’ contract with the Cavs is for two-years around $41.5M, basically what he would have made had he opted in in Miami. The King has his eyes set on another max deal in two years when the NBA’s new TV deal goes into place.

10. Don’t feel bad for Pat Riley because he’s not feeling bad for himself. Luol Deng accepted Miami’s two-year offer for $20M effectively replacing LeBron James’ small forward slot. From there, the Heat remained committed to getting the band back together re-signing both Mario Chalmers and Chris Andersen.

11. The Bulls fully expect Derrick Rose to return healthy (for good) next year. He’ll have a familiar backup next year in Kirk Hinrich, who re-upped Sunday. DJ Augustin, however, is relocated to Detroit.

12. Remember Lance Stephenson? Per “reports,” the only two serious contender’s for Stephenson are the Mavericks and Hornets.

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