Hip-Hop On Thin Ice…

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Are you a local artist looking to strike it big with your city’s professional sports team? Might want to rethink that marketing strategy. They just may sue you if you step out of their comfort zone.

Tye Banks figured he had a way to promote himself as well as prevent Baha Men’s “Who Let The Dogs Out” from ever playing again during an intermission at the Carolina Hurricanes’ NHL home games. And he did, for the most part.

Banks produced “Carolina Hurricanes” in 2007 and provided a copy of the song to the team, asking the Hurricanes to play the music during games, according to court documents. Banks also received complimentary tickets to a game, when the Hurricanes played the song, highlighted Banks in the audience and displayed his name on the scoreboard.

But shame on a ni##a for trying to keep some shimmy-shimmy-ya for himself. When Banks posted the song on his website, the love wasn’t the only thing to get a cease-and-desist.

The Hurricanes complained that Banks is still seen wearing a Hurricanes jersey in promotional material and said the franchise has been damaged by the unauthorized use of trademarks.

Damaged? Being a Hip-Hop head not named Beware, only Hurricanes I know are Miami, Game and Chris, so you can miss me with the claims of “Banks’ actions “caused great and irreparable harm to Hurricanes Hockey.”

But for the sake of research, I looked the Raleigh organization up. They seemingly had a fluke championship-winning season in 2006 for they failed to make the playoffs the next two years and got swept in the Conference Finals of this year’s postseason. Sounds like they need to get Little Brother, Joe Scudda…hell even Petey Pablo in the mix to get the ‘Canes motivated in the rink again.

Peep the track that was good enough to promote the Hurricanes as long as the creator didn’t profit from it:


Download — Tye Banks – “Carolina Hurricanes”


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