Casey Veggies Plans To Get Back To His Roots As He Announces ‘Customized Greatly Vol. 4’ Mixtape

05.13.16 2 years ago

I saw Casey Veggies perform in D.C. as an opener for Dom Kennedy and he still has all of the charisma and energy of a star. Still, the Inglewood native hasn’t quite broken through at this point, though he’s still very young with a lot of good music ahead of him. In an effort to perhaps refocus his energy and get back to basics, Young Veggies released a trailer to announce the release of his new mixtape Customized Greatly Vol. 4: The Return of The Boy.

It’s hard to believe that the first volume of Customized Greatly was released nearly a decade ago. That precocious teen is now a young man, and in the trailer we see how much he’s grown as Casey tools around his California hometown in a crisp new BMW. The juxtaposition of the luxury car and his humble beginnings show how far he’s come yet how close he keeps home to his heart. No matter how much money he makes, or how big a star he becomes, you get the sense that Casey will always come back to Inglewood, and that he will always be welcomed with open arms.

Keep your eyes peeled for a release date, and give his debut album Live & Grow another spin, in the meantime.

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