Cassidy – Body Bags Remix

08.14.08 10 years ago 27 Comments

Somebody let Cory Gunz off his leash and that wolverine of a rapper absolutely tore up the first verse like it had just insulted his mother. He then quickly swept it’s bruised corpse under a rug and hopped off the track to look for a new beat to eat up as his cohort emerged.

It’s hard to question whether Cassidy has skills. But it isn’t that hard to question his consistency and his relevancy in today’s industry. He’s definitely marketable, but he may just need to eventually graduate from his crack and gun tales, and switch his flow up a tad. Not to say he didn’t beast on this song. But even the Cirque de Soleil can get boring after 3 encores if they don’t learn new tricks.

Maybe it’s just me. Peep for yourselves.

Cassidy – Body Bags Remix Ft. Cory Gunz

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