Chance The Rapper – “I Am Very Lonely” Video

07.24.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

chance the rapper i am very lonely video

Words By Ashan

On the one year anniversary of his breakthrough mixtape that released on April 30th, Acid Rap, Chicago’s Chance the Rapper and his band The Social Experiment let loose one of Chance’s most somber tracks to date with “I Am Very Very Lonely”. Almost three months later, Chance liberates the accompanying video to the single which proved to be ambiguous in nature and frankly cryptic as hell.

In a lyrically simplistic track that definitely adheres more to Chance’s vocal range, the rapper comes forth with his vulnerabilities and insecurities addressing his loneliness and resultant boredom and sadness. You would expect the video to be equally as subdued- but it’s not.

Instead the video depicts two silhouettes – a girl and a guy – grinding up on each other in front of a technicolor background, seemingly having to do very little with the actual content of the song, other than the idea of Chance imagining his lost love interest. Additionally, while the original track is three minutes long, the video is cut to a minute, only playing up until the first hook. The audio sees some slight changes too, in the form of an added violin sound that wasn’t nearly as amplified in the original.

Video aside, it’s the last seven seconds that will have your attention above everything else, as the video turns into a message that reads: “I’m Coming Over. August 3.” Now while Chance is slated to perform at Lollapalooza on the August 3rd, it remains unknown if the Chicago native has anything else up his sleeve for the fans.

Back in May, Chance posted a photo of the Social Experiment logo with a caption that read “Coming Soon” and no other details since. Hopefully his message at end of the “I am Very Very Lonely” leads us to a third project or some more information at the very least. Nonetheless new Chance, even in a one-minute video, is always much appreciated. Let’s just hope it means a hell of a lot more.

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