“Charles Was Never In Charge…”

09.19.09 8 years ago 41 Comments

Damn, this is weird.

Yesterday I was whip rollin’ when a rather crappy Charles Hamilton song pooped up on the dash. I gave it about 30 seconds of burn, while thinking ‘WTF ever happened to this guy? Kid dropped a mixtape a minute, was signed to Interscope and a real nice buzz going. Then, he fucked over some blogs, dissed Soulja Boy in Auto-Tune, got punched in the face by a girl, performed sacrilege by lying about being close to Dilla and possibly released an extremely questionably-covered debut album no one gave two shits about…and I haven’t seen him ever since.’ Song turned off.

Then, I was perusing the Radar and they’re saying Lil’ Dookie Dukie seems to have gotten axed from Iovine’s money-machine. Actually, B.Dot put it better by saying he got the “pink slip.”

All I gotta say is karma is a bitch.

Charles Hamilton: Dropped From Interscope [Rap Radar]

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