Chris Brown and Trey Songz Are Going On An Epic, Panty-Dropping Tour Together

08.15.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

I used to thirst so hard for Trey Songz a decade ago. He was nothing but skin, bones and no hangtime braids, but he made pretty good music.

Now? Not so much.

I’m not really rushing to hear a new Trey record like I used to because when I do hit play, I get crap like “Na Na” and “Foreign.” And I know he’s capable of much more because he made Anticipation, which in hindsight probably should’ve been called Climax because it’s been downhill musically ever since. Trey can’t flash his smile, his abs and think I’m going to rock with whatever the hell he puts out. Dude, I’m f*ckin’ grown, okay?

So news of the Virginia-native going on tour with Chris Brown does absolutely nothing for me, also because I don’t like Chris Brown music.

Still, given their huge fanbases, I’m pretty sure this temporarily nameless and dateless tour will go down as one of the most panty-droppingest shows since Prince’s Purple Rain tour in ’85.

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