Chris Brown – “Don’t Judge Me” Video

09.28.12 5 years ago 37 Comments

The irony in Chris Brown’s latest single, “Don’t Judge Me,” is in fact, for the remainder of his career and life, he will be. A lot of which makes him public enemy number one in so many eyes stems from the logic he does bring a lot of bad publicity on himself. Blame it on being young, famous and likely surrounded by a team of people who’d rather pamper his celebrity than provide sound advice. Blame it on his own actions. Blame it on the fact he never truly exhibited remorse for that fateful evening nearly four years ago.

I’m torn when it comes to Chris. Yeah, he made a horrible mistake that will forever leave him branded as the modern day Ike Turner. And yes, the kid continues to make his fair share of flat-out dumbass choices more often than not. However, the fact still remains that the 20-something-year-old prodigy can craft good music when the opportunity arises.

“Don’t Judge Me” represents a kite to his significant other warning riding shotgun with him is far from “commonplace.” In a larger context, the song portrays a more subdued Brown and one allowing his art to serve as his P.R. specialist. Also, at some point, Breezy must have really been moved by the ending of Armageddon because that’s exactly what the video draws a likeness towards.

Regardless of whatever else orbits around the name, brand and person that is “Chris Brown,” singles like this one help illustrate he is more than aware of the public’s perception of him. Only his actions moving forward will dictate whether such a realization is productive or not.

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