Chris Brown, Drake Sued For $16 Million Over Club Fight

08.16.12 6 years ago 17 Comments

Chris Brown and Drake finally received the tab for the NYC nightclub brawl and the one ill-fated night on the town could potentially cost them a pretty penny. In a lawsuit filed yesterday, Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. – the owners of the Greenhouse club – seek $16 million in damages from the two entertainers for not starting the fight, but because they didn’t do enough to stop it.

Reportedly, the suit claims the two circumvented “the venue’s extensive security measures,” which means…the hell if I know because I don’t speak legalese. According to lawyer Andrew T. Miltenberg, the artists are to blame because “it’s their posse, and they’re in charge, and to the extent that they could have controlled or dissipated whatever was going on, we don’t believe they did.”

The $16 million figure comes from a variety factors that probably include damage to the club, other lawsuits the club is facing and potential earnings that may have been affected, since we can guess that Entertainment Enterprises will have a tough time opening up shop anywhere else in NYC. A portion of the claim includes a lost $4 million deal to license Greenhouse’s name due to bad publicity.

According to the AP, the suit “points to news accounts of bad blood between Brown and Drake, both of whom have dated singer Rihanna.”


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