Chris Brown Released From Jail Today, June 2, 2014

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06.02.14 8 Comments

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Shortly after the clock struck midnight last night, Chris Brown was released from police custody. Brown served 108 days of the required 131 days he was scheduled to do.

In what’s been a long-winding legal ordeal, Brown was sentenced to a year in jail in early May after a Los Angeles County judge deemed that he violated his probation in the Rihanna case by getting in a fight in D.C. He was given credit for 116 days he spent in rehab and an additional 59 days already spent behind bars. Brown still has to go to court soon over the D.C. assault case.

But, for now, he’s free. Over time, my stance on Breezy’s softened over the years. Stardom or not, he’s still a young cat trapped in the web that is the legal system of this country, one that many know it’s hard to escape from once you’re tangled in it.

But, the news that he was diagnosed bi-polar and suffering from PTSD changed how many of the events of his past looked. If he was running around undiagnosed and not properly medicated (or self-medicating at times), he wasn’t just a hazard to society and those around him but to himself as well. His illnesses don’t wipe away any of his past actions, however they do help to explain a possible root cause for some of them.

Hopefully, he continues receiving the treatment he needs, takes his meds and manages to keep his nose clean.

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