Hall Of Famer Chris Mullin’s Still Got Mad Game

10.14.13 4 years ago 20 Comments

Words by Bansky

They say the shot is the last thing to go, and Hall of Famer Chris Mullin is living proof.

At Sacramento Kings training camp last week, new Kings owner Vivek Ranadive ran a three-point contest including Jimmer Ferdette, first round pick Ben McLemore, Demarcus Cousins and two random fans hanging around the UC Santa Barbra campus trying to get a glimpse of camp. But it was former Golden State star Chris Mullin put on a show, hitting his first 12 shots and eventually going 14-15, beating out Jimmer’s 10 (good news for me, Tins and the other three members of the Bogie Cousins bandwagon, Demarcus hit nine).

Oh yeah, Mullin is 50 years old and, when he retired in 2001, Cousins was 11, Jimmer was 12 and rookie Mclemore was eight. With the way the Kings roster looks, maybe Cousins is right, maybe they should give the old timer a 10 day.

And just as a reminder of the lefty’s legacy, we’ve tossed in two highlight clips of Mullin doing work.

Cred: Point Forward

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