Christina Hendricks Wants To Answer Prayers And Get Cast In ‘Game Of Thrones’

08.28.13 4 years ago 34 Comments

Words by Alec Bojalad

Got your fainting couches ready, nerds and fans of voluptuous red-headed actresses? Christina Hendricks, star of AMC’s Mad Men and all your wildest fantasies, wants to be on Game of Thrones.

Hendricks told The Hollywood Reporter that both Thrones and Homeland would be her ideal shows to work on post-Mad Men, which concludes after next season. While she would certainly be welcome on Homeland, playing Saul’s new girlfriend who likes to delicately brush his beard every morning (because really: wouldn’t we all like to?), clearly the more appealing of the two options is Thrones, the show whose policy on nudity is “Oh sh*t, we forgot to get the actors to wear clothes in this scene.”

“I want to wear pelts and horns and ride around on horseback,” she said. To which the Internet just kind of bit its bottom lip, closed its eyes and slowly nodded in response. There is no actual indication that Hendricks has been offered a role in HBO’s juggernaut but wanting on board is half the battle and her English accent couldn’t be any worse than Peter Dinklage’s.

As a nerd, I could speculate as to which upcoming characters from the books she could potentially play in future seasons but that would be too spoilery and it’s not like there’s an obvious fit. Plus the real option is just there staring HBO in the face. Cast Hendricks as Littlefinger’s prostitute buddy Ros from seasons 1-3 and reshoot all of Ros’ scenes for a Christina Hendricks cut of the show on DVD. I mean, are you allergic to money, HBO?

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