Future Is Reportedly Being Sued For All That Ciara Slander

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Future’s pettiness may end up costing him big time because Ciara is suing the rapper for $15 million. Apparently, a man can’t relentlessly slander his child’s mother on countless songs, interviews and on social media without her becoming upset and wanting to take him through courts and litigation. Ridiculous.

Ciara says Future spent 2015 attempting to destroy her brand with defamatory and libelous claims made against her in regards to their son, baby Future. The singer claims Future has been throwing dirt on her name as a way to garner interest and publicity for his projects, specifically his albums and upcoming tour, and she’s no longer having it because everything he’s being saying are lies from the pits of hell.

Last month, Future tweeted out that Ciara was a “controlling bitch” for not allowing him to see his son whenever he wanted, despite (allegedly) paying $15,000 a month in child support. The tweets were followed by another one that promised fans an album was coming. A little over a week later, Purple Reign drops and then EVOL.

Ciara tells the court Future’s lies are damaging because she’s a “well-known successful recording artist, songwriter, producer and entertainer with fans around the world” and is known for her community services, philanthropy and for being a great mother. So, when Future is doing interviews, calling her evil, a bad mother, discussing her private sex life, and accusing her of using her new relationship with Super Bowl champ Russell Wilson as publicity, it’s hurtful to both her brand and herself.

As for those January tweets, Ciara claims she contacted Future’s lawyers about taking them down and apologizing, but Future paid her dust. No surprise there. This is the same man responsible for the savage line, “If she catch me cheating, I will never tell her sorry.”

The singer is suing Future for $15 million for defamation, libel and slander. And she wants him to pay $250,000 in legal fees for having her go through the court system.

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