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The Toughest Coachella 2013 Set Time Conflicts (And Which Bands To See) [Uproxx]

10 Rappers That Forgot to Pay Their Taxes [Giant]

The White House Responds To Jay-Z’s “Open Letter,” Says Lyrics Are Untrue [HHW]

15 Things That Rhyme With “Treasury” [The Urban Daily]

Electronic Arts Named the Worst Company in America [Brobible]

Eva Longoria Suffered A Nip Slip [Peeperz]

Meet The Members of Two-9 [XXL]

Australia’s Karl Stefanovic Interviewed Arnold & It Was Delightful [Film Drunk]

Boise State Is Tearing Down Buildings To Build A Quidditch Field [With Leather]

YouTube Hall of Fame: Baseball Movies [Grantland]

Tourist Gives People A Peak Into The Illusive North Korea [The Chive]

The Worst Strip Club Reviews You’ll Ever See [HuffPost Comedy]

Woman Claims Popeyes Fried Chicken Makes Her Orgasm [GOT]

People You Should Be Paying Homage To: JUNGLEPUSSY [Crunktastical]

Six Reasons Why You Should Be Watching “Hannibal” [Pajiba]

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