Cocaine 80’s – “Take My Keys” x “This Can’t Be A Crime” x “Chain Glow” Feat. Nas

05.22.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

After dropping off the captivating “Queen To Be” on Friday, Hip-Hop/soul collective Cocaine 80’s rounded out the weekend by releasing two more impressive new tracks. Common and producer extraordinaire No I.D. might be the big names of the crew, but it’s singer-songwriter James Fauntleroy taking the lead again on “Take My Keys” and “This Can’t Be A Crime.”

The former track is a stripped-down affair, with agreeable guitar strums complementing Fauntleroy’s performance (his vocals low on acrobatics but rich in feeling), while the latter song takes up a mid-tempo, pop-soul leaning vibe. If you listen closely, you can detect a good deal of lyrical continuity between all three tracks, possibly a sign of a more drawn out project to come.

To this point, the modus operandi for Cocaine 80’s has been simply to get the music out there and let it work on its own. It’s easy to admire such a no-nonsense approach, but with music this good, you almost wish they’d start giving these releases more of a push (you can bet that if these songs came attached with the name of a more buzz-friendly artist, there would be no lack of effusive words written about them). As it stands, Cocaine 80’s continue to let off quality material to the benefit of those in the know.

Speaking of letting off quality material without much notice, Cocaine 80’s let loose yet another new drop late last night, “Chain Glow,” this time featuring Nas.

Cocaine 80’s – “Take My Keys”

Cocaine 80’s – “This Can’t Be A Crime”

Cocaine 80’s Feat. Nas – “Gold Chain Glow”

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