Colin Cowherd Continues Being A Horrible Person, Thinks Dez Bryant’s Mom Is A Crack Head

07.19.12 6 years ago 32 Comments

Colin Cowherd is easily the worst thing going on at ESPN. Unfortunately, his determination to troll audiences into outrage has earned him a radio show for three hours and the SportsNation TV show. In case you’re unaware of his history of being ESPN’s most infuriating an uninformed personality, here’s a quick recap: he insinuated that John Wall wouldn’t be successful because he didn’t have a father figure, fed the world false information of New Orleans crime, orchestrated a bully technique to shut down The Big Lead and generally litters airwaves with stupidity.

Today, he took things a step further by discussing Dez Bryant’s mother, stemming from Bryant’s recent arrest for domestic violence.

“I do feel bad for Dez Bryant. His mother had all sorts of problems. And I’m reading it here. His mother gave birth to him when she was a teenager. His mother had a long string of convictions on crack cocaine charges. Look if your mother is a crack head and that’s how your life starts. Your life is going to be rough. You’re going to have issues and I can feel empathy.

…Dez Bryant off the field is a mess. He couldn’t figure out the playbook…It’s not gonna change with Dez Bryant. It’ll be like this for years. Again, you’re born and your mother’s a crack head. That rarely ends well. And it never ends without some issue.”

Well, here’s the deal. After doing just a few seconds of research on a site called, I was able to find that Dez Bryant’s mother spent 18 months in jail for selling crack cocaine. And that wasn’t until 1997, when Dez was damn near a teenager. While this doesn’t make her a saint, there’s a huge difference between selling drugs and birthing crack babies as Cowherd suggests. Cowherd just flippantly looked at a piece of paper and went totally off-base with his rant.

Sadly, this won’t be the close to the last time we hear about Cowherd spouting borderline racist ignorance on ESPN. The fact is, he’s nothing more than the sports version of Rush Limbaugh that doesn’t actually know much about sports. I swear I’ll throw a party the day he’s replaced by someone with more sense and less ignorance.

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