The iPod Shuffle – Common’s “Ghetto Dreams”

06.28.14 4 years ago 13 Comments

Crazy thought (that isn’t so crazy when you think about it): in 2014, I care way more about whatever Nas and Common have up their sleeves than Kanye West and Jay-Z. Thank a couple of factors.

1. Both Life Is Good and The Dreamer, The Believer were better than whatever the former Roc duo has coughed up in years.

2. Common has been breathing fire all year, and Nas’ new record label shows promise.

3. “Ghetto Dreams.” One of the best tracks of 2011 was born at a time when neither emcee really had anything to prove. It was clearly born because the trio (No I.D. included) has as much love for the sport now as when they were first coming up. It still slaps, sounding as good now as it did then, as it would in 1994, as it probably will in 2024.

Let’s hope for another collab on Nobody’s Smiling.

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