Court Notes: Kobe’s Revenge, Rondo’s Message And Deron’s Monster Night

03.05.12 6 years ago 15 Comments

Yesterday was supposed to be all about Kobe vs. D Wade/LeBron, but his thrashing of the Heat wasn’t even the top story of the day. Sunday was all about memorable, career performances. And we guarantee that this will be the only recap we ever do with a Nets/Bobcats game included. But let’s start with the game that had the most build-up.

Los Angeles Lakers 93, Miami Heat 83

From the word, “go” Kobe showed why he’s the best player of his generation. Dude just unleashed his killer instinct and attacked Dwyane Wade as soon as he got his hands on the ball. The Plastic-Faced Villain gets up for games like these and he reveled in the chance to embarrass Wade on national television – and that’s exactly what he did. Bryant dropped 18 in the first quarter and never looked back. Wade had an off-game and LeBron had a relatively pedestrian outing (for LeBron).

Remember this moment as I’ll probably never say anything like this again: Mike Brown deserves credit for his defensive scheme that frustrated the Big Two. Matt Barnes and Meta World Peace are the perfect one-two defensive combo for Wade/James and Brown got the most out of them. While the Heat were hurt by not having Bosh, the story was Kobe ripping D Wade’s heart out and eating it in front of him.

Boston Celtics 115, New York Knicks 111

Just last week, Rondo was at the center of trade rumors. Yeah, that’s probably not the case anymore. He absolutely went off for 18 points, 17 rebounds and 20 assists. The only other players in NBA history to get 15, 20 and 15 are Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robertson. He also held Jeremy Lin in check for most of the game. However, the contest came down to Paul Pierce vs. Carmelo Anthony with The Truth out-dueling La-La’s boo in overtime. Maybe Boston should rethink things and start building a new team around Rondo instead of dealing him off.

New Jersey Nets 104, Charlotte Bobcats 101

When we saw this game on the schedule we figured the only way it’d get noticed would be if Kris Humphries threw up a video of himself giving Kim Kardashian an Angry Pirate on the Jumbotron. But alas, here we are talking about the Bobcats and Nets. Why? Deron Williams dropping 57 points in the three-point victory. It’s the most points anyone’s scored all season. At least he’s left the Nets with a nice memory on his way out on the free agency market. Wait, you didn’t think he was staying there, did you?

To cap things off, here are yesterday’s top 10 plays, courtesy of the NBA.

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