Crooked I – “Minority Report”

02.23.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

There aren’t many things this guy right here loves more than new Crooked I solo songs – especially when they’re from 2005. In this unreleased track from Crook’s unfortunately-shelved B.O.S.S. album, the C.O.B. leader is feeling slighted because of his skin, delivering a riveting theme that many readers can corroborate with.

However, while the concept in “Minority Report” is strong and shouldn’t be understated, what I personally appreciate the most about this track is being taken back to the Slaughterhouse assassin’s hungrier days. Hearing Dominic Intriago ride out over Komplex’s guitar-based jam immediately reminded me off when I used rock “Boom Boom Clap” until my car battery would die and spend hours unearthing his unreleased gems, trying to complete my collection of Crooked tracks.

Having soaked up A-List game during his time on The Row, there was so much potential on the solo front for the LBC gunner at that time. Around the mid-2000’s, dude was churning out crack rocks, which were not only impressive, but either club-ready hits or touching concept tracks like the one below. However, when the world didn’t catch on immediately, teaming with his current crew just cut bigger checks quicker. And, at at this point in his career, Crooked’s a businessman almost more than a rapper, so who can blame him?

Anyways, maybe this little nugget of audible gold will be the tipping point that brings that unreleased B.O.S.S. album in full. Or Mommas Boy, it’s previous incarnation. Hell, maybe – just maybe – we might even get a brand new, official Crooked I solo album. His first one. Now, that would be the real treat.

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