Dude Gets Record Deal Because He’s Good At His iPhone App

08.18.13 5 years ago 20 Comments

Haters, either avert your gaze or listen up, if you want something new to complain about. A kid just got a record deal for being really, really good at his iPhone app.

Per CNN, Curtis Fields of Little Rock, Arkansas used his ability to play one of those guitar apps to hustle his way through the music industry, eventually landing him in L.A. Reid’s office and with an Epic Records deal following shortly thereafter.

All sarcasm aside, Fields couldn’t have made it this far without having some talent, and I’m sure he can actually, you know, play the real instrument. Snaps for that. It’s just hard to take these human interest pieces too seriously when they splice in footage of Curtis strumming around on his iPhone on ‘The View.’ Sometimes I really hate 2013.

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