Danny Brown Ft. A$AP Rocky – “Kush Coma”

06.16.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky – weed-loving rascals that they are – bring a very specific kind of heat with this new, souped-up version of “Kush Coma.” If you recall, the original – which aired back in March – was a kinetic, robotic ode to dope (and it’s crazier tendencies) that wasn’t about to leap-frog Curren$y or Wiz in the pantheon of “songs we want to hear when we’re high.” And some grimy A$AP bars don’t change that.

“Well then, AJ, why should I listen to it?”

Because, man, it’s f*cking good. We haven’t heard too, too much from Brown over the past 12 months, but as he dances around the kick-drums with lyrics equal parts menacing and hilarious, it’s impossible to not get excited for Old, dropping in August.

We’ll probably never want to smoke with Danny Brown. But hearing his takes on the drug will probably never get old.

Danny Brown Ft. A$AP Rocky – “Kush Coma” (Radio Rip)

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