Danny Brown & Noisey: A Match Made In Heaven

07.31.12 6 years ago 8 Comments

Noisey got together again with Danny Brown, this time to discuss the YouTube comments from the last time the music site sat the Detroit MC down. There are about 500 more words that could go in this space, but those would be superfluous. If you somehow need more incentive to press play on the video, here are three randomly selected Danny quotes from the clip.

1. “Who wants to feel good naturally? That’s what emotions are for. You’re supposed to be upset some times and you should be happy some times. And if Molly makes me extremely happy and I can be just a little bit sad about that after, then I’ll take that.”

2. “Straws are fun, but clitorises are way more better.”

3. “I was doing Molly when I did that interview, so I laughed extremely a lot.”

My old editor who now works for Vice – which owns Noisey – mentioned that Noisey is the most popular channel on Google+. Well, sh*t, if Noisey wants to be the most popular channel on TV, all it needs is a regular Danny segment. Just give the man a topic and let him rabble to page view gold.

Noisey via Weiss

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